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November 2012 Archives

NYC could see a rise in construction site injuries in 2013

In recent years the construction industry, like so many other markets, has been depressed. However, many are speculating that in the wake of Sandy, there will be a surge in construction work occurring in New York City beginning in the first few months of 2013.

10 shocking, but common, medical errors

Any medical mistake can result in serious injury or fatality. Every day, hospitals, doctors and nurses must follow protocols and established standards of care to avoid the mistakes than can harm patients. To this end, hospitals are responsible for implementing policies that help to identify patient needs, prevent infection, and ensure that care properly administered. Unfortunately, in New York City and nationwide, common medical mistakes continue to haunt patient care.

Booster seat laws reduce car accident fatalities in children

Car accidents are one of the leading causes of death for young children in the U.S. Booster seats have come a long way in reducing car accident injuries and fatalities in children but they are only effective if they are being used.

Study: surgical residents less tired, less prepared

Orthopedic surgeons-in-training face many challenges when trying to gain the on-the-job skills necessary to become an orthopedic surgeon. Rules limiting the number of hours surgeons-in-training can work per week were designed to reduce their fatigue and resulting surgical errors.

New York City Construction Accidents on the Rise, Safety Measures Lacking

Statistics show that accidents on construction job sites have increased dramatically over the past two years. 2011 saw 119 reported construction accidents, while 157 such accidents were reported by the end of October 2012. The increase is explained by owners and general contractors failing to ensure worker safety against falls from heights and falling objects among other well known hazards.

Will Sandy leave construction workers vulnerable to toxic exposure?

As power and running water are returned to residents across Manhattan, and New Yorkers return to the office in the after math of Sandy, it is starting to feel less like the world is ending. However, as workers toil to clean up New York City, and the rest of the region impacted by Sandy, it could be years before we see the full impact of Sandy.

Red decals for young drivers in New Jersey lowers teen accident rates

The graduated licensing decals for young drivers in New Jersey have created controversy; however they seem to be working. According to a recent study, the decals have prevented more than 1,600 crashes amongst teenage drivers. Now licensing agencies nationwide are looking at the program to determine if it could prevent accidents in other states. It may not be long before New York teens are given the same identification and scrutiny on the roads to prevent accidents caused by inexperienced and distracted driving.