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October 2012 Archives

Electric car and "green accidents" demand police training

Accident scenes can be dangerous for response crews, including roadside emergency personnel, firemen and police officers. New York police officers are now training to respond to accidents involving electric cars that carry sensitive components, including the battery pack. Collision investigators have joined the growing number of forces nationwide to develop the special knowledge necessary to handle a potentially hazardous car accident scene.

Meningitis and the complexity of medical malpractice claims

There have been 23 deaths and 300 infections in the recent meningitis outbreak. Public health authorities estimate that 14,000 have been exposed to the steroids that were used as pain medications. The victims and families of the deadly meningitis outbreak have begun to file malpractice claims against the doctors, hospitals, clinics and other facilities that administered the tainted shots. These cases are raising complex legal questions about whether the cases are subject to medical malpractice or product liability laws.

Protecting all injured workers

Workers' compensation benefits are crucial for a construction worker injured on the job. In most situations, construction workers that are injured are unable to return to work for a significant length of time, if ever. Without workers' compensation benefits, not only is it possible that the injured victim would be unable to adequately seek the necessary medical treatment, but because they are unable to continue returning to work, they are left without income. Workers' compensation benefits will cover the medical expenses that a construction worker faces after an injury on the job, as well as work to cover lost wages.

Spike in liposuction deaths exposes safety issues

A new study suggests that the liposuction isn't any safer than it was nearly 25 years ago when it was approved by the FDA. According to researchers, liposuction has been oversimplified by popular culture and promoted without giving Americans a clear picture of the risks and dangers of the cosmetic procedure. Unscrupulous doctors, the dangers of anesthesia and the lack of regulation have created significant potential for medical injury and wrongful death involving liposuction surgeries in New York and nationwide.

Patients at risk of post-surgical procedural errors

Any surgical and post-operative mistakes can have devastating consequences for patients. While hospitals implement safety protocols and procedures to ensure patient safety, a new report suggests that these processes may not be enough to prevent errors and injury. The study found that surgical patients were exposed to between 4 and 5 procedural mistakes during their post-operation recovery. Half of these errors resulted in medical harm.

Rental car companies join effort to reduce defective car risk

When on a vacation, there is nothing like arriving at your destination and then finally getting into your rental car. It is nice to get a break from home and even from one's own vehicle sometimes. While most can't afford to rent a luxury sports car and don't expect a Jaguar, it is natural for consumers to at least expect that the vehicle they are renting is safe.