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September 2012 Archives

Older drivers and licensing in New York

Statistically, there are more elderly drivers on the road now than ever before. With the potential risk of accidents caused by the elderly, increasing attention has been paid to licensing requirements for aging drivers. The question can be difficult for loved ones who may find it difficult to take away a parent or grandparent's keys. Legislators are also having a difficult time determining how to curb the rate of car accidents and injuries caused by elderly drivers.

The Importance of Maintaining Safe Work Sites

Multiple news sources have reported a serious accident that occurred at the 3 World Trade Center construction site on Wednesday, August 29, 2012, just days before Labor Day. The incident involved a 36 year old construction worker who fell 15 feet to the ground while installing a steel beam on the site. The injured worker was taken from the scene to the Emergency Room at Bellevue Hospital, and likely fractured both arms in addition to sustaining a head injury.