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July 2012 Archives

Nurses burnout, make medical mistakes

Hospitals have a duty to protect their patients' best interest and health, but they often do so with a cost. With strains on the healthcare system, many New York hospitals have been cutting costs by reducing their nursing staff. Now studies show that overworked and exhausted nurses are more likely to cause medical error and injury to patients.

Distracted pedestrians walk into dangers and injury

With our increasing dependence on cellphones and mobile technology, more pedestrians are dangerously walking into hazards. According to government officials and safety experts, distracted walking is becoming a growing problem and a hazard, especially in high-traffic urban areas like New York City. Cellphones, Ipods, and other handheld devices can distract pedestrians from the very serious dangerous around them.

Improvements in robotic legs for spinal cord injury victims

Spinal cord injury victims often endure months and years of rehabilitation. In the most severe cases, patients suffer from permanent disability and paralysis. Scientific breakthroughs in robotic legs are bringing hope to spinal cord injury patients who have suffered in motor vehicle accidents, workplace accidents, and from falls or collisions. For victims in New York and nationwide, the new research could pave the way to mobility.

High-risk of medication errors for heart patients

Patients being treated for a heart condition may be given multiple prescriptions with complicated instructions. A recent study found that half of all heart patients made at least one medication-related mistake after they left the hospital. According to research, even guidance from a pharmacist did not seem to reduce those errors. Patients in New York and nationwide can protect themselves and help prevent medical errors by helping loved ones track medications.

50 Cent injured in car crash on Long Island Expressway

Curtis Jackson, better known as 50 Cent, was injured in a car crash with a Mack truck on New York's Long Island Expressway last Monday. A Mack truck rear-ended the bullet proof SUV. The impact was so severe that it almost caused the SUV to flip over. The driver of the Mack truck told the police that the load he was carrying was shifting causing him to lose control and ram in to the SUV.