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March 2009 Archives

Marking the One Year-Anniversary of Crane Collapse Tragedy

One year ago today, on March 15, 2008, New York was stunned and saddened by a deadly tower crane collapse on a high-rise construction site at East 51st Street. The massive 22-story crane crashed down and splintered apart, tragically killing six construction workers and a tourist. The tragic loss was compounded because this incident could have and should have been completely avoided. An investigation revealed that the crane was being raised with the use of only four slings, instead of the appropriate eight, and that one of the four slings was frayed. Six weeks later, another deadly crane collapse on the upper-east side further drove home the reality that construction work is extremely dangerous, and that New York City construction accidents, which often involve work at significant heights, can be particularly catastrophic.

NYC Construction Accidents: When is Enough Really Enough?

The veteran New York City construction accident lawyers at Block O Toole & Murphy, one of New York City s premier personal injury law firms, express continued sympathy for the innocent victims of the construction accidents that continue to take place in New York City. Yet they are outraged that those responsible for these accidents continue to try to avoid being held legally responsible for their actions.