Nail gun operator accidents can result in severe injuries for New York construction workers.

Nail guns are commonly used on construction sites in New York and throughout the country to drive nails into wood, stone, steel or concrete. Nail guns increase efficiency on work sites by shooting nails at high speeds, but they can be very dangerous if the nail misses its intended target. New York nail gun accidents can cause severe injuries, including brain damage, nerve damage, soft tissue injuries, puncture wounds, amputation, dislocation, and eye injuries. If victims of nail gun wounds aren't given necessary medical attention immediately, the wound can get infected, leading to additional medical complications. The nail gun operator is not the only person at risk for injury if a nail gun malfunctions or is accidentally discharged. Other construction workers in the area and pedestrians who are passing by the site can also be hit by a stray nail.

Nail Gun Accident Liability and New York Injury Lawyers

Improper equipment maintenance and manufacturer defects can lead to New York nail gun injuries, as can a lack of safety training and supervision. It is the responsibility of those who own or oversee a construction site to ensure that OSHA safety regulations and New York labor laws are followed. Victims who contact an experienced New York construction accident law firm can expect their claim to be evaluated and investigated, which may include interviewing witnesses, investigating the construction site for adherence to safety protocol, inspecting the device that caused the injury, and reviewing medical records to determine the extent of the victim's injuries.

A New York construction injury lawsuit may recover compensation for a victim's medical bills, time away from work, and pain and suffering due to their injuries. If you or a loved one has been injured in a nail gun accident, please fill out a case evaluation form to receive a FREE consultation from Block O'Toole & Murphy today. Our New York construction accident lawyers are here to help the injured.

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