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Posts tagged "fatal construction accidents"

Construction Worker Killed in Queens Forklift Accident

Rakesh Ram, a 28-year-old construction worker, was killed in a random forklift accident in Queens. The fatal work accident took place in the Long Island City section of Queens on Review Avenue near 35th Street, a busy commercial block. 

Alarming Statistics in 2016 NY Construction Fatalities Report

Deaths from work-related incidents in the construction industry are on the rise, according to a recently-released report by the New York Committee for Occupational Safety & Health (NYCOSH). The annual report, titled Deadly Skyline, reveals disturbing trends in construction workplace practices both in New York City and the wider New York State. The study clearly shows that working in construction has become more dangerous in recent years.

Inspections Decline Despite Sharp Increase in Construction Fatalities

Construction work can be seen everywhere you look around New York City. Building is at an all-time high. Sadly, injuries and deaths to construction workers have also soared during this period of growth. And a new study reveals some damning statistics about how our city has been approaching worker safety. To sum it up: apathy and 's indifference to human life.

IN NYC, Some Construction Worker Deaths Loom in Anonymity

How does a family feel when their mother or father is killed in a construction site accident but New York City agencies fail to recognize the death in their statistics? Unfortunately, several families in the New York area are currently wrestling with this very painful irony, according to an article recently published in Crains magazine. The article charges that construction site deaths that were actually probed by our federal government for worksite safety violations failed to register on the city's tally of construction site deaths last year. Six different construction site deaths to workers out of a total of 17 were not included in the City ledger.

Economy Not to Blame for Increase in Construction Injuries

There has been a shocking increase in construction worker deaths in New York City in recent months. Not surprisingly, the number of non-fatal worker injuries has also grown in fiscal year2014-2015.

Report: NYC Construction Worker Injuries Continue to Soar

New York City's Department of Buildings released a scathing report that illustrated a sharp increase in accidents and deaths at construction sites in New York City over the past 12 months. The report cites statistics that point to a massive 34% increase in construction injuries over the last fiscal year. The report was released as the Investigative Agency is looking into another construction related death that took place this week in Manhattan. Fatalities at construction sites have nearly doubled in the past year and far surpassed totals in any recent year.