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Ladder Accident Prevention Is Critical At All Construction Sites

There are approximately 300 people every year who die in ladder accidents. That is a staggering statistic and there are countless others who sustained serious injuries in ladder accidents at construction sites. Many of these tragedies can be avoided if a culture of worker safety is established. A culture of safety at a construction site requires a cooperative effort. Supervisors and workers must anticipate problems and plan ahead of time to make sure that a job gets done safely. Foresight is necessary to cultivate a safe work environment.

Deadly Midtown Manhattan Construction Site Sparks Construction Accident Prevention Discussion

Yesterday, a 52-year-old worker fell to his death while working at a construction site located at a Midtown Manhattan high rise building. The male subcontractor was working on the 47th story of a building located at W. 52nd St. between 6th and 7th avenues. He crashed down onto an unforgiving 2nd floor deck at the site. The victim, according to reports, was the owner of Crowne Architectural Systems, one of the companies retained to work at the site. An investigation has ensued. There has been no cause cited for the deadly fall but their focus will zero in on whether the worker was given appropriate fall protection equipment.

Ladder Falls: What Every Construction Worker Should Know

As construction accident attorneys, the lawyers at Block O'Toole & Murphy frequently confront cases involving ladder Falls. Falls are the leading cause of death in construction and ladders make up a significant percentage of those fatal accidents. Ladder Falls are often preventable. Preventing ladder falls can save lives. Below is a brief list of things that all construction workers should know.

Construction Site Fall Protection: What is the Right Equipment?

Construction workers labor under dangerous conditions every day and falls at construction sites still loom as the most dangerous component of their job. According to OSHA, falls from heights at construction sites account for more than one-third of the reported job related injuries in the United States. Safety advocates and workers unions consistently and forcefully lament that injuries are largely preventable - - and they are right. But, how can construction site falls be prevented? There is no single way to answer that question. Of course, training is important, as is preparation for any task at a construction site. One area often discussed but rarely explained is the obligation of employers, contractors and developers to provide the hard-working women and men with the right equipment to prevent worksite falls. The construction accident attorneys at Block O'Toole & Murphy will briefly outline some important points to remember in an effort to reduce construction site falls.